Blocking and Tackling: Why the Blockchain Matters for National Security

The blockchain is often cited, mistakenly, as a panacea for many ills facing society. This confusion is understandable, stemming as it does from the extraordinary growth experienced in the crypto-asset industry, which seems to morph and change direction as fast as people can study its effects.

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How the Blockchain Can Weed Out Fake Profiles & Disrupt The Hiring Industry

It is becoming increasingly clear that blockchains are one of the most incredible innovations that are being developed in the recent years. Their disruptive power is being compared to that of the Internet. Being a nascent technology, companies are only starting to develop applications and services based on blockchains and we are beginning to see some of the first game-changing use cases.

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IOTA Tangle EL15

IOTA is a cryptocurrency that aims to be the backbone of Internet of Things (IoT) transactions, boasting no transaction fees, no mining, no blocks, no consensus, and quantum resistance. IOTA’s Tangle uses a directed acyclic graph as the foundation for a distributed public ledger. This ELI5 introduces directed acyclic graphs and explores in depth how IOTA’s Tangle is designed and functions. The report examines the Tangle’s strengths and highlights areas of concern, providing the reader with an in depth primer on the technology. 

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