Alex Waters

Alex specializes in system design and software architecture. Having built many products and systems in the blockchain space, his industry experience is unmatched when assessing and designing complex technical structures. This high level perspective will help to address challenging technical concerns and determine where initiatives fit into the ecosystem’s existing framework.


Tim Swanson

Tim specializes in market intelligence, industry trends, and research. He keeps us on top of the ever-shifting fintech world, and will help you and your company stay relevant through his assistance on document creation and pinpointed investigation and analysis.


Sarah (Tyre) Waters

Sarah advises in all areas of strategic direction, business development, client relations, and communications. Additionally, upon exploring your own initiatives' needs, she can help you assess whether Elm's services can be helpful in attaining your companies' goals. 


Sarah Loertscher

Sarah leads the overall operations for Elm Labs, connecting clients to Elm's specialized consultants. Her day-to-day handlings ensure a smooth process for both Elm and it's collaborative partners. 


Angela Fox

Angela Fox is a research engineer at Elm Labs with experience working for early stage startups both as a lead engineer and a product owner. She holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Columbia University, where she specialized in Software Systems and Advanced Software Engineering. 


Rob Dozier

Drawing from a decade-long background in front-end development, Rob guides all things visual at Elm Labs. Approaching each project from a code-first perspective, his design systems have a sharp focus on thoughtful user experience, typography, and color theory.